Buy From a Canadian Shop & Save in More Ways Than One

All products purchased from the Buckeye Surf are stocked and shipped from within Canada, and priced in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
It's true that some US online stores have lower sticker prices than us on some products, BUT:
  • Currently the Exchange Rate Adds around 35% To The Price!
  • You Must Pay Shipping From The US
  • You Must Pay a Customs Brokerage Charge (Usually around $50 on a wakeboard)
  • You must pay your provincial tax rate on the item when it is imported.
  • You Must Endure The Hassles And Headaches Of International Shipping
  • Canadian Retailers cannot help you claim any warranty on your product. If your item needs to be replaced you will have to pay to ship it back to the retailer you bought it from. 

Buckeye Surf offers FREE Deliver on most purchases over $149 to almost everywhere in Canada.
And for items that are not shipped free, we offer competitive shipping rates because we have negotiated low shipping rates with Purolator Courier.

Here's an Example:

2023 Ronix District Wakeboard 
Our Price: $499 + 13% HST (Ontario) = $563.87 CAD
US Retailer Price Price: $369 USD ($505.53 CAD) + $78.83 shipping + $47.50 duties + $71.18 HST = $703.04 CAD

  • My latest VISA bill converted US Dollar purchases at 1.37, so their price is ACTUALLY $369 * 1.37 = $505.53
  • A major online watersports site in the US just quoted $78.83 for shipping to Ontario, not including duty and taxes! Canada Border Services just quoted $47.50 duties and $71.18 HST to import this item to Canada. Therefore shipping, duties, and taxes on this board = $197.51


Even if the exchange rate wasn't so bad, we still end up cheaper for the exact same product AND you get a hassle free warranty. Plus we have an amazing selection of everything Watersports!
So don't be led on by seemingly low US prices. It's always better to buy Canadian!

The Buckeye Surf Team 

*We ship most boards and water skis to 95% of all cities and towns in Canada for free when you purchase $149 or more.

For exact details and to ensure your purchase qualifies, please check out Shipping Policy.