Who We Are

Find out a little more about the team at Buckeye Surf and what is most important to us.

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Our Mission & Values

Buckeye Surf is dedicated to being an industry leader in providing the best knowledge, resources, curated product offering to customers across Canada. Customer service, and positive end user experiences are our highest priorities.

We value the time we have on the water with our family and we work to ensure our customers get the best possible experience on the water with their families too. These core values have been at the heart of our company culture since 1949. We will continue to be a family oriented, family run business providing the best service and product offering to Canadians for years to come.

Meet The Team

Meet Craig, Taylor, and Dave. They are 3rd and 4th generation owners of the original Buckeye Location in downtown Bobcaygeon. Craig and Taylor now own and operate the business. Along with a skilled & knowledgable team of staff, or Buckeye family as we like to say, we will be here to support our customers for years to come.

Craig Poole


Taylor Poole


Dave Poole

Founder Buckeye Surf

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