Mission Sentry Boat Fenders - Almost Black
Mission Sentry Boat Fenders - Almost Black
Mission Sentry Boat Fenders - Almost Black
Mission Sentry Boat Fenders - Almost Black
Mission Sentry Boat Fenders - Almost Black
Mission Sentry Boat Fenders - Almost Black
Mission Sentry Boat Fenders - Almost Black
Mission Sentry Boat Fenders - Almost Black
Mission Sentry Boat Fenders - Almost Black
Mission Sentry Boat Fenders - Almost Black
Mission Sentry Boat Fenders - Almost Black
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Mission Sentry Boat Fenders - Almost Black

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SENTRY Fenders are an innovative boat bumper solution that quickly attaches to boat cleats and docks. Unlike traditional bumpers, they’re designed to fit the shape of your boat while offering protection both above and below the rub rail. With four available colors, SENTRY is styled to mirror the fresh aesthetic of boats today.

  • SENTRY Fenders measure 22” tall x 9” wide x 5.5” thick.
  • Priced per fender


MISSION SENTRY boat fenders: a modern solution.

Sausage boat fenders have been around for decades and, let’s face it, they’re difficult to use on smaller boats. Cylindrical fenders just haven’t adapted to meet the needs of boaters today.

Sport boats no longer have flat sides, handrails, and high-waisted rub rails, for example. This makes it extremely difficult to position a protective fender effectively between a boat and dock. With this dilemma in mind, we set out to create the best boat fenders that look great and protect your boat.

Maximum protection for your boat.

SENTRY’s innovative hanging system allows for easy positioning on a boat or dock. With SENTRY, your boat gets the highest level of protection above and below the rub rail (unlike traditional boat fenders). *Patents pending*

Keep in mind that MISSION SENTRY boat fenders are designed for day use only. They are not intended for mooring applications or storage. Don’t leave your boat unattended for long periods of time.

Hugs the contours of your boat.

The hanging point of SENTRY is lower than it is with traditional boat fenders. This allows the fender to hang at an angle, aligning with the contour of your boat’s hull. This positioning keeps SENTRY from getting caught on top of the dock — it also just looks better.

No knots. No hassle.  

No lines means SENTRY is easy for anyone to deploy! Traditional boat fenders have ropes that get tangled and moldy. SENTRY uses an integrated DRYLINE strap system that easily attaches to boat cleats and docks, always stays dry, and resists mold.

The compact profile of the strap leaves more space on the boat cleat, freeing up room to attach additional dock lines if needed.

Smart pass-through access.

The large opening in the front face allows dock lines to pass through in situations where the fender covers the boat cleat. This keeps the lines straight and SENTRY aligned and ready for action.

Lockdown mode.

MISSION’s innovative locking mechanism makes it easy to position and reposition SENTRY boat fenders on a boat or dock. The no-roll design and broad surface keep these fenders in place until you’re ready to get moving! *Patents pending*  

Innovative material.

SENTRY boat fenders are molded from XL EXTRALIGHT®a revolutionary closed-cell foam that’s lightweight and extremely durable. This patented material is non-marking, non-staining, and 100% waterproof. It’s chemical and salt resistant, does not fade from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and it’s easy to clean. This is what makes SENTRY the best boat fender on the market!



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