Slingshot Option Wakeboard Bindings 2022
Slingshot Option Wakeboard Bindings 2022
Slingshot Option Wakeboard Bindings 2022
Slingshot Option Wakeboard Bindings 2022
Slingshot Option Wakeboard Bindings 2022
Slingshot Option Wakeboard Bindings 2022
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Slingshot Option Wakeboard Bindings 2022

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The Option boots are hands down the most comfortable, form fitting open toe wakeboard boots on the market, designed to be shared amongst multiple riders. The perfect boots for the whole family and friends.

Package Includes:

Option Boots, 6 Installed Gummy Straps/3 on each boot (additional straps sold separately), standard boot mounting hardware.

The Option boot is the highest performance open-toe wake boot on the market. Built to accommodate a larger range of shoe sizes than our closed-toe boots, the Options are an excellent choice for sharing amongst a family or group of riders. The Gummy Strap Closure System allows riders to strap in tight with ease and trust that the boots will hold tight throughout the entirety of their session. Throw some built-in J Bars, a 3D-molded tongue and Bottomless Base System all into the mix and it's safe to say that when it comes to open boots, the Option is the TOP CHOICE.

Why they made it

We built the Option boots with a mission to deliver high performance characteristics and features to the open-toe boot market.

Why you'll love it

  • The Option boot is hands down the highest performance and most comfortable open-toe boot on the market.

  • Simple, easy, and shareable.

Bottomless Base System: Our Bottomless Base System maximizes riders "feel" and connectivity with their board and the water. Boot liner soles are in direct contact with the boards' surface, allowing for a more immediate transfer of energy.

Build in J-Bars: In the heels of the liners, built-in J Bars cup the back of the riders ankle to eliminate all "play" in the heel of the boot, elevating both the support and performance.

Gummy strap closure system: Our Gummy Strap Closure System has changed the game for wakeboarders around the world when it comes to dialing in the perfect amount of pressure throughout the boot.

3D-Moulded tongues: 3D-Molded Tongues make our boots "fit like a glove" every time you slide in. Forget about the classic wiggle and dance to find the perfect place for your foot—with 3D molded tongues the fit is perfect time after time.  


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