Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard Blank 2024
Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard Blank 2024
Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard Blank 2024
Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard Blank 2024
Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard Blank 2024
Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard Blank 2024
Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard Blank 2024
Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard Blank 2024
Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard Blank 2024

Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard Blank 2024

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Shaun Murray Inspired Wakeboard

Shaun Murray and Greg Nelson agree that a solid foundation greatly increases a rider’s learning curve. Hyperlite’s Baseline is shaped specifically for creating that base and solid foundation. The Baseline has a wider overall profile built atop a Continuous Rocker, delivering a smooth carving board that gets more pop off the wake due to its increased surface area. The Variable Edge Design is forgiving between the inserts but then sharpens towards the tip and tail to provide the strong edge hold necessary for generating speed into the wake. The Baseline is simple and both Murray and Nelson believe that “Less is More” in their shared shaping philosophy. The center of the base is clean, clean water flow creates a smooth ride and softer landings, the dual tunnels easily allow water to enter and exit at the Baseline’s tip and tail. Take it from two legends, the Baseline is the board for your wakeboard adventure.


Tech Details:

Continuous Rocker
The Rocker Line That Started It All. Speed and Fluid, Predictable Pop Truly Define This Rocker. Designed to Carry Great Speed Into the Wake With Minimal Drag, a Continuous Rocker Generates a Longer Trajectory With Similar Pop Every Time.

Monocoque Construction
Integrating the Top and Bottom Fiberglass Layers Into One. Generating a More Durable Board on Side Impacts to Prevent Delamination.

Layered Glass
Our Fiberglass is Available in 3 Weights Depending on the Board. Over Time, Traditional Woven Glass Fibers Will Separate. With Layered Glass Every Hyperlite Deck Will Have the Same Pop Off the Double Up Year After Year.

Biolite 3 Core
The Secret Recipe We Have Been Perfecting Since Day One. This Core Material is the Gold Standard in the Industry and Used Throughout Our Line. Biolite 3 is Our Lightest and Most Durable Formula to Date.

Variable Edge Design
Edge Shapes That Differ From Tip to Tail, Most Commonly Shifting to Sharper Edges Near Tip & Tail From a More Forgiving, Rounded or Beveled Shape Under Stance.

Dual Fin Positioning
Fins Closer to the Tail Provide More Edge Hold and the Forward Fin Position Delivers a Looser Feel.

M6 Inserts
Delivers a More Secure Fit of the Bolts to the Inserts, Improving Bolt Retention Keeping Binding Hardware Locked Down.

Nelson - Murray Colab
Two Wake Artists, Legends & Hof Inductees Designing a Wakeboard for All Ability Levels, Shaun Murray and Greg Nelson.

Minimum Swing Weight Profile
Thinning of the Tip/tail Profile for an Effortless Feel While Spinning Flat and During Inverts..



131 Baseline 120 Lbs - 140lbs

136 Baseline 140 Lbs - 160lbs

141 Baseline 160 Lbs. And Up



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